Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inkling Targets E-book Publishing

New technologies create new opportunities, even in the staid old world of book publishing. The start-up Inkling grew out of the observation of how clumsy and inefficient it had been to produce a book, even one which was destined for a digital format. But it has gone further, by easing the way to adding multimedia to books being produced for the iPad. The founder describes it as an “infrastructure for producing digital content at scale.” The business model is to make the software available at no charge but to require the e-book be available through Inkling’s own online store and to the  take the same 30% that iTunes takes of book sales. However, the author or publisher is also free to make the book available elsewhere as well.

Does this sound like a winner?

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  1. I actually like it. Interesting I was thinking about something similar but for magazines.